Young people are living in a value crisis


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Society should see everyone as valuable

We shouldn’t have to earn our place in society. Each person has something uniquely valuable to offer. It all comes down to how we see each other.

Cause and Effect
vronica Such a babe!
j-rod You are just super CUTE
a-aron UR perfect
sammy-k Gorgeous


We shouldn’t need to edit ourselves to feel beautiful

Young people are living in a new era of always being on display. Society’s idea of beauty and value has shifted, and with that, there is a high pressure on young people to present themselves online in an untrue and modified way.

Signal Hill teaches young people to critically evaluate media messages, empowering them to make positive choices by building their sense of self-worth, purpose, and integrity.

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Schools should be places where people can thrive

Many students say the environment at their school is negative and competitive and that they feel disrespected and judged by their peers. Signal Hill helps students to recognize their true value and find the value in the differences of others so that schools can become unified communities where everyone feels valued.

The value project

Our guiding principles

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Relevant & edgy

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Non-judgmental & hopeful

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If you change the hearts of young people, you change the future


We teach

We connect with each generation in their own space, pushing boundaries and finding creative ways to shift culture.

We inspire

We engage issues at their root rather than responding to their consequences.

We connect

We listen and respond with compassion, empowering people to discover their true worth.

We are addressing issues at the root and it can’t be done without your support